Swag Bag Sunday!

Hello Swag Bag Sunday! I have been looking forward to this day for several weeks! I heart these Swag bags so much and making this layout was so much fun! First, lets take a look at March's Swag bag! Fabulous right?!

So for my layout, I had this idea of cutting several of my favorite 3x4 cards from the swag bag up into 1/2" strips and using them for my background! I had no idea if it would actually work (and look good) so I was nervous to try it but I went for it! I then took all the strips of paper and secured them to white cardstock at a diagonal angle. I love the way it turned out!

I then layered my photos with more cards and added some typed journaling and these fabulous star wood pieces. You can find them here! I did all of this with the swag bag and still have so much left! You must grab April's Swag Bag. They don't last long. When you do use my code RACHEL to save 20% off! XOXO


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